Is your social media campaign yielding the ROI you expect? What about market trends and customer sentiments? Do you have a closed loop response mechanism that addresses any issues discovered through social media?

Our social media analytics module QL Social helps you answer these questions through a well-defined and managed social media program. We offer real-time data and intelligence that you can use to reconnect with the target audience and potential customers, and make critical changes that lets you influence your market positively. Some of the key steps that the platform performs for your decision making needs are:

  • Monitoring any product or service related campaign data to determine its effectiveness
  • Managing customer sentiments through a time-based analysis of trends and influence your response processes to positively impact future sentiments
  • Using our robust full-cycle social media management system to build an intelligent assessment of your alignment with your market
  • Measuring your ROI in social media through the full-cycle management system to make critical investment decisions.