Sales is one of those functions where quick access to data is a given prerequisite, as the ability—or the lack of it—to answer critical questions from the customer on-the-go can make or break deals.

That is where the QUICKLOGIX analytics stack, coupled with the mobility platform, comes into play. Together, these platforms bring market and competitive intelligence on your screen when and where you need it the most. Our intuitive Genie interface is designed to answer questions you have like “What is the current inventory level at our factory or at the local warehouse?”

Genie responds with graphs of inventory levels at the factory and also suggests if you need to view the shipping backlog data and order backlog data! Genie in turn depends on our powerful Da Vinci platform for quick and intelligent data mash-up and analysis. Also, our mobility platform delivers all of these results right on your mobile device while you are in a conference with a prospective customer. This naturally boosts customers’ confidence in your proposition and helps shorten both the response time and the deal-closure cycle.