Does keeping your IT expenditure within budgeted limits pose a perennial challenge or are you stretched into meeting diverse project deadlines while also working to develop the skills base in your team? You are not alone. The nature of IT management is such that it requires monitoring project-level expenditures, progress, productivity, technology utilization, training, skill gaps and quality metrics, all in one breath.

Many of the data sets for the various IT management aspects are available to project managers. Some are available from disconnected sources. Piecing together all of the information to get the big picture is a tiresome task and risks missing critical data that might save cost overruns.

Our intelligent data mash-up layer consolidates and convenes data ready to be investigated. The time and context correlation system makes big picture reporting easy and quick.

Project-level monitoring and management is made easy for managers by providing an intuitive query platform Genie, which lets you get quick access to the data you need.

That’s not all. As you know, IT does not stop at project management and there are loads of data in the network and policy departments that face data crunch and analysis problems. The data sets include network logs, system logs, security logs, configuration management, change management, access logs, incident reports, status reports and so on and on. Consolidating this data, analyzing it, generating reports and getting a health or compliance report is easier and quicker with QUICKLOGIX.