Keeping track of HR matters is not a trivial task. Often, the multitude of data that you get—on talent pools, performance reviews, compensations, et al—are all in different formats that are sometimes even incompatible.

QUICKLOGIX HR solutions are such designed that you start leveraging the data sets to draw actionable insights, without bothering much about bringing order and homogeneity to the underlying formats. Our plug-in based data ingestion and processing gateway handles that on the fly.

We also understand that your employee or compensation data also serves as a basis for further review of potential HR issues. Having the right indicators at the right time is important to take the next step. Our HR decision-making module is a customizable layer that uses powerful data mash-up and processing modules to provide HR specific intelligence. The solution helps you address a wide range of HR decision making needs, including the following:

  • Management of hiring, training, internal talent identification and strategic HR needs.
  • Keeping track of sensitive issues like complaints, claims, EOE compliance and safety compliance through consolidation of data from your various worldwide locations.
  • Analysis of social media and intranet collaboration platforms to understand employee morale and sentiments.