The quickLOGIX platform is intuitive and easy to use and requires little training for the regular business user. However, we do recommend and provide training for advanced users like the analysts and marketer professionals to get the best out of our ‘Unique Science’ tools and the Trident marketing platform. Training is designed to accelerate user productivity and also ensures that users reap all of the advanced-level benefits that quickLOGIX tools can provide to your organization. Training is provided both online and onsite and can be scheduled as per your users’ requirements.

The following training courses are provided:

Analyst Training

  • Decision Tree
  • Clustering
  • Advanced Genie usage
  • Marketer Training

  • Test marketing campaigns
  • Deploying and managing your online Ad-spend
  • Tracking marketing success – measure ROI
  • IT Administrator Training

  • Data source integrations
  • Third party tool integrations
  • System management