We have hired, trained and certified the best-in-class support teams, for whom delivering timely customer satisfaction and enhancing the user experience is an absolute priority.

Our comprehensive support plans encompass problem support and developer assistance directly from our experts. Confidently depend on our professional support to get started and also to stay up and running, thus saving you time and avoiding any downtime. Updates and patches can be delivered to you directly and are also incorporated in future versions of the products.

Our support offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Remote design, development or deployment assistance with any component of the QUICKLOGIX Business Analytics stack
  • Configuration assistance or resolution of a performance bottleneck
  • Updates and patches that must be automatically rolled into future product releases
  • Assistance when you are upgrading from one version to another
  • Rapid response and support for business-critical applications
  • Alerts about relevant updates, optimization tips, and more