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Web3copy_10 Quicklogix provides a real time, AI Based Big Data platform that delivers intelligence and analytics to schools and districtc on demand! Web3copy_14

Quicklogix empowers administrators at all levels to make informed decisions to improve student performance. Our solution offers an easy-to-use, personalize-as-you-go reporting interface powered by Big Data.


Quicklogix enables school and district administrators to

Monitor – the effectiveness of various programs
Discern – underlying patterns in the data that impact success
Architect – initiatives to attain long-term and short-term goals


A unique interactive question answer tool that allows the administrators to uncover relationships and patterns with vast combination of information...

Decision Toolkit

"What makes a student drop out of school?","What makes a student perform better?" -Every education provider,administrator and policy makers...

Performance Dashboard

Our dashboard is an objective oriented score card system that defines the outcomes through chain of measures and activities that each school inside a school district...