Quicklogix LLC is an analytics company that has currently developed a powerful product in the social media analytics space. It is now foraying into the space of big data analytics where it will integrate enterprise data, social data and other external data to provide useful business insights to enable CXOs to take well informed decisions about their business.
The new product contains the data layer, an intuitive query layer and a powerful visualization tool. This component has been code named Genie. The Genie eliminates the need for IT department involvement once the mash-up occurs and provides the CXOs umpteen combinations and data points to view the business and the external environment in. This will help them take decisions. Adjoining this tool are two more tools one a decision tree and a cluster tool both of which will help a CXO calibrate the data and differentiate and cluster groups in order to find marketable solutions to their products and services. Further, a polling mechanism will help them test their marketing/business hypothesis before ploughing in the money into the chosen path. This coupled with Quicklogix services makes for a potent combination to leapfrog the learning curve and try out new and untested out-of-the-box ideas.