The Key Genie Features At A Glance:

  • Does away the need to create an informatics layer between the user and the system
  • Engages users with a search-engine like interface to query the underlying big-data layer, Da Vinci
  • A natural-language query feature empowers business users like never before
  • Decision makers simply ask a question and are presented back with answers
  • Never ceases to amaze with precise and dependable answers
  • A visualization engine, powered by an AI module automatically generates charts, tables and graphs based on the query being asked and the data being processed

Just Query

In Genie comes a game-changer whose natural-language querying feature radically empowers business users and accelerates decision making by eliminating the need for any intermediaries.

The natural-language capability is a genomic shift from the programming-language centric paradigms, as all it requires users to do is simply type in their questions, in a search-engine like interface. And they are presented back with answers in decision-ready formats.

If our big-data gateway Da Vinci decodes streams of unstructured data and processes it so scientifically, then Genie simplifies its presentation to the extent that the man-machine interactions gain a nearly conversational flavor.

Intuition Development

Genie addresses a long-standing problem for decision makers across all organizations and functional domains:  The traditional query systems require analyst interventions to first create an informatics layer—the cubes, reports and other such models that make the system understand the user needs. This distances the business user from the querying process, which is so precious from an intuition development and discovery standpoint.

The Genie brings the value of discovery back to business users by enabling them to navigate the data hands on. Its intelligent, natural-language algorithms do away the need for creating any intermediary models between the user and the system.

Power Of Visualization

Rather than having the users to deal with scrolls of data and tables, the presentation of data to them is done as a visualization system.

This real-time integrated platform achieves this by making the right use of unified and intelligent data and paves way for a method of querying that is simple and intuitive, in a way that the system understands the context and the questions that are coming from the user. This provides an intelligent processed output that matches user expectations.

True to its name, Genie never fails to amaze the users with its ability to communicate back with precise and dependable answers.