The Key Trident Features At A Glance:

  • Trident is the ‘action’ layer in the QUICKLOGIX decision sciences stack
  • Allows users to build and run a campaign and also track its effectiveness
  • Supports paid-ads, free posts as well as rule-based engagements with audiences
  • Deliver content in multiple formats on multiple target devices
  • A digital content management system makes it easy to share, track and catalogue content based on multiple criteria.

Live-testing A Plan

Trident serves as an action layer, offering tools that help your organization identify gaps, test hypothesis, and evolve a strategy. With Trident, you could quickly auto test your plans, options and scenarios, deploy those and also track their effectiveness, not in matter of months or weeks but in days and hours.

The intelligence and insights received from the exercise could be converted into a strategy for achieving the best ROI. Once a plan is deployed, the tool helps in tracking its effectiveness, measuring the ROI and providing the feedback. The outcomes and results are again ingested by the big-data gateway in a cyclic manner.

Integrated Content Repository

Trident enables users to test their campaigns in various media formats—videos, images, banners or articles.

What is more, the platform is integrated with a QUICKLOGIX-powered content repository where users can store all their campaign media, along with corresponding information.

From within the system, we have the ability to create surveys, questionnaires, bundle content with it and send that out identified segments, without any additional cost. Once the right messaging and content has been identified appropriate to a segment and validated, the message could then be put on the deploy module.

Ease Of Deployment

The deployment can be in many possible ways. Social engagement modules from QUICKLOGIX are also available, and could be implemented through emails, Facebook posts and other various methods. Paid advertising campaigns could also be run using Google Adwords or Facebook promotions from within the Trident system.

Trident can track click-through, engagement or feedback of the end user, which helps in building the next iteration of the audience engagement plan.

An important feature is that the deployment doesn’t need any manual intervention and could be set in an auto mode. In the auto mode too, data is never static and segments get populated based on the actions of the users.