The Key Features At A Glance:

  • An intelligent and actionable mash-up of big data drawn from diverse sources
  • An event stream processing software updates information in near real time
  • A plug-in based data ingestion technique makes the mash-ups highly customizable
  • A role based security model validates user access rights to ensure authorized access only
  • An open standard architecture makes integration with your organization’s IT infrastructure seamless

Why Da Vinci

The Da Vinci big-data gateway is a phenomenal leap in capability over the current big-data models. The affordable pricing is an equally big bonus.

While there are many systems that ingest data in batch mode, QUICKLOGIX appreciates that true intelligence is always real time and this gateway caters to providing information near real time.

QUICKLOGIX uniquely uses “reverse indices” to build a highly searchable, intelligent information repository to handle millions of combinations that are used to predict business outcomes.

The ‘Plug-in’ Play

A powerful feature of Da Vinci is the plug-ins based data ingestion, which also makes the implementation a breeze. The gateway employs a library of plugins to ingest data from various standard sources. Any new plug-in can be purpose-built in less than a week. And, Da Vinci sports a standard open architecture to enable easy integration with your organization’s IT system.

Currently, Da Vinci can gather data from, Web logs, Google analytics, Facebook analytics, all the publically available news, social media sites, forums, audience information including audience profile information, interests preferences and buzz data. Amplification and synthesis is done by the Da Vinci gateway to detect topics and sentiments.

Da Vinci also ingests major socio economic data on labor statistics, consumer price indices and financial data, from sources such as Yahoo! Finance.

Easy To Customize

Da Vinci is highly customizable to meet your organization’s specific needs, based on the parameters that are applied to your business.  User defined values are part of the Da Vinci data ingestion process and also part of the query engine. This enables creation of innumerable metrics that are specific to your business.

Da Vinci accomplishes an unprecedented level of data integration across all the components and environmental factors—both internal and external—that affect the business.

Start using it to rapidly gain the competitive edge for your organization.