The QUICKLOGIX Products Suite At A Glance

  • Da Vinci: The big data gateway that ingests data from diverse sources and stores that using a dynamically responsive structure
  • Genie: The natural-language interface that lets the user query the Da Vinci gateway, sans any intermediaries
  • Trident: The platform that lets you test your hypothesis as an action plan and also track the ROI
  • QL Social: The social media analytics platform that lets you rapidly grow your organization’s social quotient

How It Works

QUICKLOGIX products suite is a layered amalgamation of four key modules: a big-data gateway, a query engine, live polling and a marketing platform.

The gateway processes input streams from diverse public and enterprise sources and stores tagged information in its next-generation database. Next, the query engine runs seamlessly on the database to pull out all the required information in an easy-for-decision-making format, with never-before insights.

Quicklogix modules present you with solid premises and leave you more confident of the decisions you make. The products suite helps you analyze websites, emails, social media, surveys, sales, production, warehouse and intranet data to give you access to closer-to-reality views to help you make better investments, hiring, sales or campaign decisions.

What You Can Do

Once you form your hypothesis based on the QUICKLOGIX engines’ freshly brewed insights, you could test, refine and execute those right from the suite’s auto marketing platform. And last but not the least, you could use the reputation management module to build and monitor, say, all your social media campaigns from the suite’s central vantage point.

The modules could also help you do further follow-ups through surveys and studies to understand any deviations in the hypothesis. This form of hypothesis testing gives you a powerful mechanism to take strategic decisions more positively.

Test Your Hypothesis

The differentiating edge of the QUICKLOGIX product suite comes from an intelligent and contextual mash-up of diverse web and social media data with your internal organizational data. The presentation format is such that it gives you enough to build a hypothesis of what your customers, employees or partners think.

The decisions you take are also fed back into QUICKLOGIX cores as inputs for further alignment with your organization’s or department’s specific needs, as a continuous process.