Has it ever occurred to you that taking a career decision can be as complex as building a search engine or monetizing it innovatively?

What would it be to work for a company that develops big-data analytics and algorithms that simplify the decision making process across all industries, domains and roles?

If the idea strikes a chord with you then you have landed on the right page. Work with QUICKLOGIX, a decision sciences company, to add some spark to your career!

Armed with a products suite that uses patents-pending technologies, we have taken our position to disrupt the big-data and social media analytics market in ways like never before. The journey has started, and we invite you to be part of a winning team that would redefine the big-data and analytics game.

JOB OPENINGS at QuickLogix Chennai

Software Engineer / Sr. Software Engineer
Work exposure inside Quicklogix

As a software developer, you should enjoy solving complex and interesting problems. Quicklogix is much more than a mere application development company. You will work on products that handle Petabytes of information in fraction of seconds. Our product development synthesizes ideas from just about every area of computer science, including information retrieval, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, distributed computing, large-scale system design, networking, security, data compression, user interface design, amongst others. You will work on many projects that carry varying responsibilities.

  • Design and implement advanced pattern based middle tier applications with logic in distributed high volume transnational environment.
  • Develop applications that combine wide range of languages and OS platforms to achieve optimum results.
  • Optimize applications for based on real data using experiments and data mining techniques in both relational and NoSQL environments.
  • Build cool web front-end systems and snazzy features for our products and solutions. You will be exposed to Web UI development with JavaScript/AJAX , HTML5 and CSS3
Basic skills for the job
  •  4+ years of experience in Microsoft Technologies with C#, ASP.NET with advanced programming skills.
  •  SQL server database knowledge with Stored procedure development in high volume transaction environment.
  •  Service oriented architecture development using MVC, Web services using XML, JSON data exchange standards.
Additional experience/skills preferred
  •  Node.js
  •  Java and J2EE
  •  C++ or C programming knowledge
  •  Multi-threaded programming skills
  •  Optimization techniques in databases and programming languages
  •  Algorithm development for text and document parsing
Work culture at Quicklogix

“Everyone who works in Quicklogix is a customer to each other” – This says a lot about our work environment. Our organization is non-hierarchical to foster open and flexible work culture. We believe
that our work culture is suitable for those who are willing to take the initiative and hold themselves accountable for its success.

Hiring process at Quicklogix

Our hiring process is focused on identifying the human potential and hidden talents of the applicants. During the selection process, the applicants will go through series of simple/easy tests and interviews in order for us to identify the areas of strengths. These are the typical steps in our hiring process, depending on the applicant’s experience level.

  •  A simple high school level aptitude test
  •  A simple technical case study review
  •  Interview with panel.

We hire candidates who are experts in the subject matter. For those who qualify, the remunerations are above the median of the market. We do offer standard employee benefits and other statutory compensations.